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Hi. I'm Paul Greenberg, Esq.

This is the website of the Law Office of Paul Greenberg. I love practicing law. I love details. I love people. I am the guy who means business. I am passionate about being a lawyer and helping my clients in every way possible.

The Law Office of Paul Greenberg focuses on representing technology consulting and staffing companies, service-oriented technology organizations, startup businesses, and entrepreneurs in corporate, business, M&A, sourcing, real estate, licensing, immigration and employment transactions and litigating civil and criminal matters in New York and New Jersey federal and state courts.

The Law Office of Paul Greenberg provides legal counseling and services for everyday business matters. Regardless what the matter is, the Law Office of Paul Greenberg strives to provide well-rounded legal services and commitment to personal attention to all of its clients.

Contact Information

New York

15-32 College Point Blvd
College Point, NY 11356
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New Jersey

530 Main Street, Suite 102
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
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Tel: (201) 402-6777
Fax: (201) 301-8876

Practice Areas

The Law Office of Paul Greenberg covers a broad range of legal issues affecting the companies and entrepreneurs of the States of New York and New Jersey. The Law Office of Paul Greenberg can help you navigate the legal obstacles that stand between you and your future goals.

Business Litigation and Transactions

Business Transactions

  • Incorporation Services
  • LLC Formation Services
  • Drafting Corporate Bylaws
  • Drafting LLC Operating Agreement
  • Amending Articles of Incorporation
  • Amending Articles of Organization
  • Drafting Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Drafting Bulk Asset Sale Agreement
  • Managing Stock Acquisition Transaction
  • Managing New York Bulk Asset Sale Transaction
  • Managing New Jersey Bulk Asset Sale Transaction
  • Contracts Review
  • Contracts Drafting
  • Contracts Negotiation
  • Managing Internal Investigation
  • Conducting Due Diligence Assessment
  • Managing Business Dissolution in New York
  • Managing Business Dissolution in New Jersey
  • Registering Trademark
  • Registering Copyright
  • Obtaining Business License and Business Permit
  • Drafting Joint Venture Agreement
  • Drafting Channel Partner Agreement
  • Drafting Strategic Alliance Agreement
  • Drafting Partnering Agreement

Business Litigation

  • Usurpation of Corporate Opportunity Litigation
  • Misappropriation of Corporate Opportunity Litigation
  • Unjust Enrichment Litigation
  • Breach of Contract Litigation
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties Litigation
  • Tortious Interference with Contract Litigation
  • Trade Secret Litigation
  • Debt Collection Litigation
Sourcing and Technology Transactions

Software Development & Licensing

  • Software Development Agreement
  • Website Development Agreement
  • Open Source Software Development Agreement
  • Middleware Software Development Agreement

Information Technology Outsourcing and Services

  • Cloud Computing Service Agreement
  • Telecommunications Services Agreement
  • Internet Service Provider Services Agreement
  • Infrastructure Management Agreement
  • Application End User License Agreement
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement

Technology Litigation

  • Copyright Infringement Litigation
  • Privacy and Data Security Dispute Litigation
  • Trade Secret Misappropriation Litigation
  • Breach of Confidentiality Agreement
  • Breach of Non-Compete Agreemenet
  • Domain Name Litigation
  • Trademark Infringement Litigation
Employment and Immigration


  • Employee Handbooks
  • Personnel Policies and Procedures
  • Employment Contracts
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Compensation Disputes


  • Adjustment of Status
  • Business Immigration (Work Visas)
  • Employer Sanctions (I-9)
  • Labor Certification (PERM)
White-Collar Criminal Defense

White-Collar Criminal Defense

  • Money Laundering
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Financial Institution Fraud
  • Mass Marketing Fraud
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Computer Piracy
  • Securities Fraud
  • RICO Conspiracy
  • Counterfeiting
  • Embezzlement
  • Falsification of Books and Records
  • Identity Theft
  • Hacking and Unlawful Computer Access
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Social Media Account Intrusion
  • Email Account Intrusions

Biography Highlights

Mr. Greenberg founded the Law Office of Paul Greenberg to translate the skills, knowledge and experience gained over the course of his professional career in business, technology, and military to law. Mr. Greenberg combines his academic degrees in the fields of organizational management and law, his certifications in the fields of information technology and information systems security, and his service in military to give him a valuable perspective with his work as an Attorney at Law in the States of New York and New Jersey.

Mr. Greenberg is admitted to practice law before New York and New Jersey State Courts and the United States District Courts for the District of New Jersey, the Southern District of New York, and the Eastern District of New York. He is a member of the Science & Technology Law and the Criminal Justice Sections of the American Bar Association, the Civil Trial Bar and Criminal Law Sections of the New Jersey State Bar Association, and the Business Law, Criminal Justice, and Trial Lawyers Sections of the New York State Bar Association.

Mr. Greenberg received B.S. Management from TISBI University of Management and his law degree from New York Law School. There, he practiced criminal law as part of Criminal Defense Clinic in the New York City (Manhattan) Criminal Court pursuant to the Student Practice Order authorized by the Supreme Court, Appellate Division for the First Department. He represented clients in misdemeanor cases from arraignment to disposition, including conducting client interviews, making bail applications, negotiating with Assistant District Attorneys, drafting pre-trial motions and subpoenas, conducting investigative work and making court appearances. These misdemeanor cases were DWI/DWAI, domestic violence assault, drug possession, unauthorized use of a vehicle, theft of services and trademark counterfeiting.

During his professional career in technology, Mr. Greenberg achieved the most prestigious industry certifications such as the Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSP-ISSAP) Certification from the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium and the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Security Certification from Cisco Systems. He excelled in all sectors of information technology: application programming, database administration, network management, performance tuning, information security, VoIP and video communications, etc. His skill and expertise are valuable in technology sourcing transactions, because he understands modern information technologies well and keeps current with new trends and best practices.

Mr. Greenberg served in Israel Defense Forces, where he rose to the rank of Second Lieutenant in a prestigious combat unit. Although he was a "lone soldier," a serviceman without parents in Israel, and a "ben yachid," an only son to his parents, he volunteered to serve in a combat infantry brigade. He graduated from the Chaim Laskov Officers Training School, Training Base 1, known in Israel Army slang as "Bahad 1." After receiving his commission, he led infantry platoons in reconnaissance missions, presence and zone patrols, ambushes, and arrest raids in Bethlehem and Hebron regions. He defended the State of Israel militarily, because of his long-standing belief in the Jewish State of Israel and the right of Jewish people to its ancestral homeland.

Community Involvement

Mr. Greenberg is committed and passionate about giving back to the community.

Mr. Greenberg volunteers with Pro Bono Partnership where he assists nonprofit organizations on a broad range of business legal matters, such as compliance with state and federal regulations, contracts review, and corporate structure and governance advisory. These organizations serve the disadvantaged or enhance the quality of life in neighborhoods in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Mr. Greenberg is honored to participate in Northeast New Jersey Legal Services' Private Attorney Involvement (PAI) Program offering legal services without charge to the low-income and under-served populations of Northern New Jersey, consisting largely of women and children, who are found to qualify for referral to experienced attorney advocates.

Prior to starting his private practice, during law school, Mr. Greenberg joined the Suspension Representation Project (SRP) where he represented students and their parents at the NYC Department of Education (DOE) Superintendent's suspension hearings. The suspension hearing offices deal with various levels of infractions, including use of firearms, gang-related violent behavior and use of force to inflict serious bodily injury. He advocated on students' behalf before NYC DOE Hearing Officers, including interviewing witnesses, making opening and closing statements, and conducting direct and cross examinations at the hearings. He worked very hard to ensure that his clients' voices were heard.

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